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Pablo Picasso

May 14 - June 25

The juror for this show is
Roberta Anslow.
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Roberta  Anslow, an Orleans resident, is an award-winning photographer who specializes in original, natural light photography and digital art collages. Her work reflects her love of and fascination with the world around her.  Cape Cod inspires her more than any other location as it’s been her family home since the early 1900s. The uniqueness of the Cape Cod light and subject matter is perfect for outdoor photographers. 

She developed an affinity for the sea as a young girl, summering with both sets of grandparents in Orleans and sailing with her father on Nantucket Sound and Cape Cod Bay. As an adult, she extended her passion to exploring the warm waters of the Caribbean and South Pacific. 

Roberta’s  “Fresh Catch Series”, is a more colorful, whimsical, reinterpretation of traditional memento mori themes, as seen in Dutch still-lifes. Fresh Catch, focuses on the vibrancy of fish in death. Her piece, “Red Fish, Dead Fish” was chosen for a curated group exhibition at the Danforth Art Museum.  “Cruel Sea: Law of the Fishes”, Danforth Art Museum, Framingham, MA  Sept. 2012 – March 2013. Her photographs printed on aluminum entitled “Primordial Pond” and “Red Fish, Dead Fish” are part of Danforth’s permanent collection.

Anslow has exhibited her work throughout New England, including Cape Cod Arts Center, Danforth Art Museum, Cambridge Art Association, Concord Art Association, Hyannis Town Hall, Post Road Art Center, and the Wayside Inn Gallery.

Roberta, was an original board member of the Orleans Art Cottages and was instrumental in bringing it’s vision to fruition. She was also a season-long artist and site manager for 7 years. She is currently an artist member and manager of Coastal Craft Gallery in Orleans. 


Choice is the operative word in the “Artist’s Choice” show. Artists were invited to choose, without any criteria, the art they want to
submit. Artists could decide their own criteria when selecting pieces to enter into the show. Hence Artist’s Choice. As the juror, I had the choice to determine the criteria for selection. I could
choose based on my own criteria. Hence Juror’s Choice.

My choice was to select works of art that evoke a response, an emotion, an “aha” when looking at each entry. Art that I would remember after I leave the gallery. My choices ran the gamut from a piece that evokes a serene sense of calm, to a piece painted by a seven year old. From a 50ish styled planetary Pyrography piece to a double wall clay vase. All these evoke a response.
My hope is that you the viewer will have an emotion, an “aha” to the works of art in this show. It’s then your choice to determine which are your favorites.

Roberta Anslow