Current Show

July 2 - August 27


Juror: Peter Killil, artist and owner
Orleans Modern Art, 85 Route 6A

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Peter Kalill’s work ranges from the traditional landscape to a modern narrative, juxtaposing realistic elements with fractured and illustrative surroundings.
His work is in many prominent collections in North America and Europe.  Cape Cod had attracted Kalill as a fine place to live and work because of its quiet towns, costal vistas, vibrant arts community, and rich artistic history.

As an artist and a gallery owner I have approached curating shows differently depending on the type of show being put together. Some of the factors I consider are the type of work to be presented, the artists’ intentions, the theme of the show, the message or story to be conveyed, and of course the aesthetics.

The challenge with group shows is finding a way to communicate a continuity among multiple artists with differing mediums, styles and subjects. For Celebrate Summer, the aesthetic cohesion was my top priority, made easier by the strong submissions showcasing a variety of pieces that compliment one another and show well as a whole body in a beautiful space.