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welcome autumn


Show Dates: September 3 - October 29  

Showcasing original art and
handcrafted work that welcomes the season of
changing time, weather, landscape and color

Juror: Bob Korn, Owner, Bob Korn Imaging & Workspace Gallery Eastham, MA

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Bob Korn, owner of Bob Korn Imaging and the Workspace Gallery, located in Eastham, is a master photographic and digital printmaker. For nearly 50 years, he has adapted to the constant transition of techniques and technology while developing a creative eye like no other. His prints can be found in every major collection throughout the world, including the Getty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian and others. Bob truly is a highly prolific artist. His reputation for producing unparalleled prints has generated a clientele of many of the world’s top photographers. The commitment to quality and client-printer collaboration is what sets Bob and his work apart, and has enabled him to work with the likes of David Burnett, Robert Freson, Gregory Heisler, Richard Avedon, Marc Hauser, Joel Meyerowitz and numerous others.

Along with photographic reproduction, Bob is also know for his ability to reproduce original art work that is as accurate to the original as technology allows.  Jim Holland, Sue Anthony, Monica Rozak, Carol O’Dell, John Murphy, are among the many Cape Cod artist who entrust Bob to re-create their work.