• Art submitted is original work and must be for sale. Framed Giclee prints of original art and photography are acceptable entries and digital print methods may be used to produce original images. Cards of art works are not acceptable entries. 
  • All art accepted is contingent on the artist volunteering in the gallery.
  • Two-dimensional art may not exceed 40” in height or length, including frame. Three-dimensional art should be no larger than 2’x2’x2′.
  • Framed and unframed paintings are dry, ready to hang, with braided/twisted wire secured to back. NO SAW TOOTH HANGERS. Gallery reserves the right to refuse art that is not properly framed.
  • For Plexiglas mounted art or work on metal, two secure picture hangers with wire attached to back frame are required.
  • Special display requirements for textile and sculpture art will be the Artist’s responsibility and approved by the Gallery.
  • Jewelry displays will be provided by Artist and approved by the Gallery.
  • Due to space limitations, some “Furniture Art” may not be a viable art form for the Gallery.
  • Each artwork will be marked for sale at a price provided by the Artist.
  • We will NOT be able to accept entries that contain bone or ivory from whale, elephant, rhino, walrus, and any other species listed in the Endangered Species Act.
  • to keep our art “fresh” for the duration of a calendar year:
    Art submitted for a prior show that was not selected by the Juror can be submitted for another show.
    Any accepted art – initial or additional – that does not sell cannot be submitted until the next calendar year.


  • Artist will volunteer in the Gallery during shows when their art is on sale.  Schedules will be mutually set.
  • Artists are expected to promote their work in the gallery using their own social media and other personal communication methods.
  • Artist will pay a $25 annual membership fee the first show each year for which their work has been accepted (based on calendar year).
  • Artist agrees the Gallery will retain 25% of the sales price of their work sold.
  • Artist permits the Gallery to use photographs, Artist’s name, likeness, and/or bio/tagline in Gallery communication and advertising material for promotional purposes.
  • Gallery will provide Artist an inventory form to list each item for sale including Artist Name, Price, and Medium. This form will accompany the art when hand delivered to Gallery during the published “Receiving Art Dates.”
  • When show ends, the artist is responsible for picking up any unsold art.
  • Artist is responsible for “special sales packaging” for art, if necessary.
  • Artist is responsible for reporting their income for tax purposes.
  • Each year, upon Artist’s acceptance for their first Gallery show, Artist will sign an agreement that indemnifies and releases Galley West Art Gallery from any and all losses in connection with a Gallery show. The Artist will assume all risk of damage or loss from whatever cause. It is Artist’s choice and responsibility to arrange for proper insurance coverage for their work.


  • Gallery will set annual show dates and schedules as well as “Call for Art” notices.
  • Through blind voting, gallery jurors will select artists’ work for a show based on the artist’s submitted ENTRY. Artist notification dates are listed in the CALENDAR.
  • Gallery will handle all sales and MA Sales Tax calculation, reporting and payment.
  • Gallery will retain 25% of the sale price of Artist’s work.
  • Gallery will arrange and pay for advertising and social media and other costs, such as standard sale supplies, bags and wrapping paper, credit card and bookkeeping fees, general operating expenses.
  • Gallery will pay Artist their share of sales by end of the month following the end date of the show. Artists with annual payments of at least $600 (75% of $800 sales) will receive a 1099-NEC. GWAG will be held harmless from penalties or fines from Artist’s failure to include this income in their tax filing.
  • At delivery, Gallery reserves the right to refuse any work on the grounds of poor condition, oversize, damaged frame, etc.
  • The number of Artist’s items for sale will depend on available Gallery space during the show; additional work for sale may be requested.
  • The Gallery will not be responsible for damage or theft of art. The Artist will assume all risk of damage or loss from whatever cause.